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WhatWhat can I say about dartmoor?

Fust it rain'd then it blaw'd
Then it 'ail'd then it snaw'd
Then it com'd a shower o' rain
Then it vreez'd an blaw'd agean.

Quote from legendarydartmoor.co.uk

Near Sheepstor
Although tongue-in-cheek, they are all true to a certain extent, on a single day I have walked in rain, sleet, snow and finally glorious (t-shirt) sunshine.

Dartmoor is a beautiful, but dangerous place.

Saying that, I should perhaps point out 4 things that will keep you safe on the moor ...

(1) You cannot be 'over' prepared ... if you can carry it, take it!

(2) If you get lost walk east or west ... the moor is narrower from East to West :D and you will almost definitely find a road/village/farm quicker (don't hold me to this)

(3) You might also try following a waterway if you get lost, these invariably lead to civilisation :D

(4) Never, but never, jump up and down too much on a 'bouncy bog' ... fatal! (I must really google the correct term for bouncy bog)

When I started to take photographs on Dartmoor (way back when I had a Pentax film camera and developed and printed my own stuff) I used to try and capture the vastness, the emptiness ... the expanse ... then when I got my first digital camera, I continued on this quest.

Then I realised what I was doing wrong!

Obviously I still shoot sweeping vistas when I'm on the moor, but more and more (see what I did there?) I find myself capturing the details that go to make up the whole.Hawthorn

It may be possible now to shoot 360 degree images and video, and to give people an immersive experience (and I would like to try this technology) ... but for us simple folks, it's the tiny things that give us the basic ingredients to conjure up the feeling that Dartmoor leaves with those who have loved it.

I'm always on Dartmoor, and I regularly post my stuff on my Flickr page, why not have a look!


I like to experiment ...

... Don't be frightened to get in touch!