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  • Battered Leaf
  • Crown of Leaves
  • Beech Bud
  • Bramble Bokeh
  • Holly Light
  • Thread
  • Golden Brown

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LeavesLeaves ... like the clothes of a tree, changing with the seasons ...

Fern Fronds
Amazing how different the light or time of year can change how we perceive each individual leaf.

I have a kind of love affair with leaves ... my friend says I shoot 'macro' when it comes to outdoors, but (although I know what she means) I think it's 'details' I like.

Grabbing the essence of a scene and making it the focal point (no pun intended). If I can isolate something then I guess it is a sort of 'macro-isation' of a wider landscape.

I love combining my obsession with a shallow depth of field with my outdoor nature.

The two seem to work in a symbiotic way to create a sense of much more, whilst concentrating on the less ... blimey, I am getting quite deep in my old age!

Autumnal Leaves
If you think about my love of odd lenses with large apertures, my obsession with really shallow depth of field and hiking in woods ... fairly obvious I'm going to enjoy isolating a leaf or two :D


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