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Odd Lenses

WeirdWeird things I stick on my camera!

Cosimar TV Lens

It's becoming increasingly popular to put 'legacy lenses' on your digital camera, I fell in to the practise mostly by accident ... I'm not a massively technical photographer ... I learn things when I need to.

A friend of mine pointed out that being the proud owner of a micro four thirds camera (my initial reaction was 'say what?') I could use old film camera lenses on it, by employing a simple adapter!

My first purchase was a cctv lens (from eBay) ... I wrote a blog entry about this and a few other lenses I've collected.

I have to try consciously not to just use my collection of old glass ... it is very difficult ... I know you can recreate most of the effects with photoshop, and I'm not opposed to that route at all, neither am I one of these fanatical (sorry friends) group of lunatics that think that analogue (yes ... that's how we spell it here) is way better than digital ... each has it's place!

I will say that I'm becoming increasingly of the opinion that certain lenses retain a aura, or a feel or their era, or a peculiarity that makes the images they produce ... unique.

I'm still in here trying to figure it out

Royal Blood - Figure It Out Listen Now!


But, enough philosophising ... the truth is in the pudding (is that right?) for whatever reason, the results are what matters :D

The fantastic distortion the cctv lens creates around the edge of an image (on a wide open aperture) is only complimented by the crystal clear sharpness in the centre of the image.

The 'not quite in focus' of 60's TV lenses is as wonderful as the twisted bokeh you get from an old Soviet Jupiter lens, or as mad as the distortion from an adapted Helios 44-2 :D

I've used these effects to produce (I think) to enhance the natural, or to portray the supernatural.


The best questions go unanswered
The best mysteries untold

Beans on Toast - Things Listen Now!



As always, I'm forever adding to my massive collection of 'images that have been shot with increasingly bizarre lenses' over on Flickr, feel free to have a look ... a small selection of the latest offerings can be viewed below ;)


I like to experiment ...

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