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I try ...I try (and sometimes succeed) to put make my portrait images a little more interesting than the average.

People take pictures of each other
And the moment to last them forever
Of the time when they mattered to someone

The Kinks - People Take Pictures of Each Other Listen Now!

I shoot scenes rather than purely portraits.

GothicAs I started out as a landscape photographer, I found that what I really enjoy doing is storytelling with my images, putting people into landscapes and trying to suggest that more might be going on (or has gone on).

Having spent time with some videographers, I'm starting to see how you can build up a scene with a back story by just changing a few aspects of an image, or getting your model to look a certain way or adopt a specific pose.

I find that nearly everybody has an idea of what they want from their images (not maybe a fully formed concept, but a way they want to be portrayed) and I endeavour to help in producing a shared vision.

Obviously, some of my clients like to be given direction, but I find that a relaxed attitude always achieves superior results :DDiletta

A lot of my work has been collaboration, and I love to work with like minded people, if you think we can create something interesting, feel free to get in touch!

That's not to say I don't want to work with people with different ideas!

I thrive on trying new things, and just because I've not explored a certain style or genre of photography, it doesn't mean I'm going to shy away from the opportunity!

I'm also no stranger to shooting at events or shows ... so happy to quote for any circumstance.

People are strange
When you're a stranger

The Doors - People are Strange Listen Now!


The links below are from my People Album on Flickr it's where I post a lot of my stuff (good and bad) why not take a look!

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I'm really approachable ...

... Don't be frightened to get in touch!