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I guessI guess when you live with the sea on three sides of the region you live in, and are surrounded by a myriad of rivers, brooks and lakes ... you are going to have at least a little fascination with water!

plymuff splashI once had an interesting conversation with some Irish sailors who were visiting the region ... the upshot of our conversation was how people who visit Ireland and the Westcountry are surprised how much it rains! Seemed to me that if somewhere is know as The Emerald Isle, it's probably a good assumption that in order to be nice and green, an area tends to get it's fair share of the liquid stuff.

Devon and Cornwall are beautiful ... and wet ... and the sea (as anybody who has spent time with it will tell you) is dangerous ...

At the beginning of my love affair with photography (second time around) I bought myself a cheap waterproof video camera (that took stills) from eBay, and spent a while shooting underwater images ... but I lost it!paignton splash

Eventually I purchased a waterproof housing and a wetsuit and made the move into underwater photography ... I've yet to indulge this fascination to it's logical extent (I want to learn to dive) but I do have a great deal of fun bobbing around in rivers on Dartmoor.

(I recently discovered I 'bob' because wetsuits make you more bouyant ... who knew! ... apparently the only solution is to carry several kilos of lead weight with me ... I'm not doing that ... it's bad enough carrying my camera equipment onto the moor, without the added hassle!)

Under The Dart
The waterproof housing I have is neither a great solution, nor a bad one ... you have very little control over the focus (best leave it on auto-focus, which I dislike intensely) and controlling anything once you are underwater is a haphazard affair at the best of times ... however, fun nonetheless :D

Take me to the river, dip me in the water
Washing me down, washing me down

Talking Heads - Take Me To The River Listen Now!



As with all my photography, I'm always adding new images ... take a soggy peak at my Water Album over on Flickr!

Splish Splash

Want some watery imagery?

... Don't be frightened to get in touch!Happy to dive in and offer a helping hand ;)