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AsAs a rule ... I don't do weddings ...

Best Man Blues


That being said ... I do ... do weddings ... occasionally!

I always believed that wedding photographers charged way too much for what they did ... then I did a few ...

Now, I don't think wedding photographers charge enough for what they do!

I will only undertake wedding photography assignments on the clear understanding that I do not (under any circumstances) take those awful 'rounding up cats' family shots ... why, oh why does anybody want a 'school' photograph of all their (and their partners) relatives all wearing things they wouldn't normally be seen dead in, and all pretending they aren't massively embarrassed by uncle Dave's awful shirt and racist granny.Candid Guests

I am happy to play along with a few conventions ... but as a firm believer in things should be able to run their course naturally (and a great advocate of 'making it up as I go along') I am not equipped for many of the 'traditions' of your standard wedding!

Maybe I am a bit out of synch with most of society, but if you want me at your wedding, you're getting candid ... end of.

I do, however ... take some bloody good candid shots ... maybe hire me as a second photographer!

I'll get all the shots you'll actually like :D


Have a look at my Wedding & Events album over on Flickr ... will give you a bettr idea of my style (or lack of).


I like to experiment ...

... Don't be frightened to get in touch!